Visitors to Tasmania often remark on the slower pace of life in this beautiful Island State - a feature that is also reflected in the longer ripening times of much of our carefully nurtured farm produce, with cooler growing seasons and a temperate climate that add to the much admired quality of flavour that is becoming so recognised around the World.  

As artisan producers of fine food accompaniments at Tasman's Harvest we also appreciate the value of taking a bit more time in the creation of our products.
Like a slow ripening plum should be left on the tree to develop its full flavour the hand making process itself provides a tempo for the proper maturation of quality ingredients to their full flavour.     

Through the hand crafting of seasonal ingredients in small batches the subtle variations from year to year can be enjoyed by fine food connoisseurs.    


                                  Wasabi Cherries                                                                               Cherry Mostarda                                                                 Sweet & Spiced Blueberries
                                Serving Suggestions                                                                         Serving Suggestions                                                                 Serving Suggestions


                       Sweet & Spiced Cherries.                                                                             Kentish Cherries                                                                  Wasabi Mustard                                                                               
                         Serving Suggestions                                                                                Serving Suggestions                                                           Serving Suggestions 


                       Horseradish Mustard                                                                                     Hot Chilli Jam                                                                Salted Caramel Sauce
                       Serving Suggestions                                                                                 Serving Suggestions